Seamless Accounting Integration


Donna Broadly, Manager : Windsand Clothier

Windsand has been using ACE retail programs for several years now.  We started with Ace Retail 2000 and moved on to Ace Retail 3000 when it was created.  I cannot praise this program enough, it has done everything asked of it and more.  I look forward to updating my program weekly - just to see what new reports have been created.  Windsand is a small store that uses the computer to the fullest.  We create purchase orders, receive and label our merchandise, keep track of customers purchases and give them Loyalty points on regular priced merchandise.  When creating a purchase order, I always use the matrix to add new merchandise.  It is quick, easy and efficient.


A recent addition to the program allows us to tag customers for certain merchandise and email them without leaving Ace.  You are also able to go to sales when you are working on purchase orders which are very convenient when you only have the one computer which is also the cash register.


There are so many facets to Ace Retail 3000 that I have not as yet used, but I am always amazed to see the incredible things that a small store is able to do with this program.


As you can tell, I love this program and the support and service that we get from the company. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about Ace.  I would be happy to discuss the program with you further.


Donna Broadly
Windsand Clothier

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